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Let there be fire 

3D Animated Short

This 3D animation was created uing Blender 2.81 whilst post-production was done using Adobe After Effects. The animation story revolves around a caveman’s discovery of fire. The character exits his cave, his home and whilst walking around, he trips over a stick. Curiosity strikes him and he picks up the stick. In the meantime, the weather has changed drastically and a storm is approaching. Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes the stick and starts a small flame on the stick. As expected the caveman is in total shock but is also astonished from the fire. He decides to go back to his cave and discovers that this unknown object has lit up his home.  

The title “Let there be fire”, is a play on words on the verse, “Let there be light”, from God’s creation of earth in the Book of Genesis. Similarly, instead of ‘light’ I adapted it to the word ‘fire’ for both a literal meaning and a humorous one, since fire is started from the impact of the lightning hitting the stick the caveman is holding.


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