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 This digital illustration was completed a few weeks after the racially driven homicide of Lassana Cisse, the unfortunate victim who had to pay the price for the excessive xenophobic beliefs concealed thoroughly in the Maltese society. I wanted to portray my stance on this subject and point out the factual truth that one must keep in mind before forming an opinion. Unfortunately, it is the case that as a result of cultural ideologies, an individual ends up forming an unintelligent opinion on this specific subject without being fully educated on the topic, such as its history and its derivatives.


The illustration showcases three stereotypical Maltese characters, a priest, a snob "tal-pepe'" and a "ћamallu". They are holding posters, portraying a utopia version of Malta, standing on an immigrant’s back, connoting how some Maltese people treat people of colour. The scene is set in front of Valletta skyline, a Maltese icon. The composition is hierarchical according to what one should look at first. The Maltese are noticeable at first, standing in the centre of the composition. Then the viewer’s gaze notices the black man which gives you a sense of horror and disgust which is further enhanced when you spot the hands of refugees in dire need to be saved.An accompanied text was also written.

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